Images in my mind

My neighbour who lives just across the street is an avid gardener. I didn’t know that until I saw her weeping for her plants. She has the most beautiful and well maintained patch of lawn inside and an evergreen piece of greenery outside her house. She must be in her sixties and cried like no one was watching. I forgot to take a quick snap of her lovely plants….maybe next time.


As I walked on the half broken footpath in the pallid warmth of the sun, a man was cutting wood of the already cut trees. It was winters and the trees were leafless, dead branches lying half way on the footpath. Only a feet away bright red, fresh rose petals laid scattered on the path. It was such a beautiful contrast of the vibrant red and the paleness of the dead wood branches. It reminded me of how sorrow and joy co exists in one single moment. Of how life is all about the unexpected and wild surprises. Again I wish I had taken a picture…


Walks in the winter afternoons is like holding a mug of coffee with your back against a window while the rain drops beat on the glass.


Rani sings jubilantly to the tune of Dil walay Dulhaniya lay jay gay (DDLG). I think that is her favourite song for she can be heard humming it often. She is a romantic at heart. I can still hear her singing in her unmelodious voice, lost in the thoughts of her knight in a shiny armour. The best thing about her is that she doesnt care if anyone is listening her sing or not. Rani is a teenage house maid at my neighbour’s with whom we share a wall. Not only a romantic, she is also quite social. Whenever she hears voices from our side of the wall, in no time she does she stand on her toes and peeks above the wall, tips of fingers on the edge. With a peculiar and amused expression she tries to engage in a conversation. She would not let you know that she actually wanted to talk to someone (perhaps her owners dont do except for scolding her). She would always start her conversation like: “yahan humara aik kapra gira tha kal” / “a piece of cloth fell over your side yesterday”, sounding no-non sense-to-the-point-kinda-girl. We always say no and we know that nothing ever trespasses from the other side, except for trays of dishes on religious or cultural occasions. After a considerable exchange of words she disappears behind the wall and after a while a voice hums away some romantic Indian movie song…



17 thoughts on “Images in my mind

  1. This post was beautiful. ;_;I love winters. 😀 Esp all the dull colours, the sunset, the moon and the clouds. =D And then I listen to November Rain whenever it rains. Lol.I almost cried once when our <>musammi<> ka tree turned brown. 😦 It was so sad. You don't make fun of gardeners. *sob*CAMERA! >.>I like rain. *heart melts*

  2. Aww, your words painted pictures in my mind.The maid sounds sweet, sorta desperate for conversation.I guess we’re all in an abyss of loneliness when there’s little conversation being made.

  3. Awww, i liked this post, your words painted the images 😀the maid reminds me of the maali’s sister in Rais Khana, u know that afsana,by..erm..i dnt know the writers name, but yeh, Rani reminds me of bayshthu :S

  4. awww this was beautiful … u really captured the picture well and defined it in such a beautiful way that it was easy to imagine the whole scenario in my head 🙂 … and i loved the winter afternoon one … it was beautiful 🙂 !!

  5. Its a remarkable post.I have been reading your posts off and on covertly , but this one has compelled me to respond.The images in your mind must be painted with all those wonderful colors that are being used in this post.Yes… There are some moments when I wish I could keep my camera all the times with me.BRAVO…

  6. MJ says:

    beaugly, thats the first first comment without a sad emo ;p i think…thanks! and aww i know! something similar happened to me too! omG how could i forget that when i saw the aunty crying…we had this safaiday ka tree and it too fell coz of the winds and that made us all sooo sad!! your musammi tree incident reminded me that.. btw wow, did u guy eat a lot of musammiss?rainy, the maid sure is a lonely person..i think..Dee, i totally agree!smiley, aw thank you! good to see you here!! 😀 and as for the afsana…i have read a few of them but i cant recall any about maali’s sis :$but i am glad you could relate this maid to the character 🙂Ubee, thank you!faisal, aww thank you so much! your words have motivated me a lot. and you know what whenver i log in and i see all the followers i have, i have his big smile on!! thank you for reading all along 😀lost in rome, well we already discussed it :p and you write good! i only have to think of sir omer (bless!) and then all i feel about my writing is zilch hehehehe

  7. @mubithanks for correcting my mistakes … i edited it previously but forgot to edit it when i wrote there …by the way i do reply on my topics 😉 … so read i have left a reply for you 🙂 !!

  8. Great post…You outlined all the scenarios unconnectedly in such an inimitable way that while reading every scenario i found my self present at the sight. Splendid job…I loved the 2nd and 3rd one most… The maid thing is not new for me as we also used to shared the same kind of maid with our neighbors few months till she left for her home (village).

  9. MJ says:

    soniayesha, thank you:) hehehe ya i know the maids and their presence in our part of the world is a bit too common…her constant presence in the background eventually came to the page too :p

  10. Waisay you’ve had enough comments full of praise, :p but still, you know, i think i’m a fan of yours now. The way you write is mostly so innocent and pure, i love it…i loved the rani bit…always be pure girl…And pray i start writing half as good as you do… so ppl visit my blog too *hint hint*

  11. i love winters, only if the image in my mind is of cuddling and togetherness.. barren images dont give me a nice feeling.your words are like paint, they freely draw on an image 🙂where have u been hibernating?

  12. MJ says:

    exquisite and mha, thanks a lot guys 🙂seher, out of hibernation :p hopefully…p.s though i wonder how many times the word ‘paint’ was used in all the comments :p

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