Excuse my French

I love this phrase. the only problem is that i dont know any real French, both the language french and to what this phrase points to. i get tongue tied when it comes to swear words. There are times when you have to vent out that extra burst of anger or shout or display your boiling reactions inside. it has to come out once in a while. i tell myself its okay to say it. That that particular moment wont really decide that i have won an eternal trip to hell (that would be HELL). still etiquette and my strict rules have to be followed.

However, as i mentioned before, the need to speak some french is not more harmful than the bombs being thrown, lives being taken around the world. So i came up with alternatives for myself. Like what the duck, what the puck, what the yuck, what the fish(i picked this one from somewhere)…..

lets play a game. pick the odd one out

ANNNNDDD (stretching it long enough, it comes out as a musical and) you have won a ticket to Honolulu. come on now dont make faces, its Hawaiiii!!! :p

Coming back, I chose to sacrifice a duck and a fish into this! i hardly ever remember ‘yuck’ so that’s totally out. As for the ‘puck’, its the odd one out you so correctly answered. well i picked that from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. remember? I have to be a bit classy you know.
Before I conclude let me warn you, if you by any chance come across me shouting my french just don’t get bewildered :p Though i haven’t really used my version of french in public! 😀


17 thoughts on “Excuse my French

  1. Every month i make this resolution that i wont swear and then i dont for a while…but then something or the other happens and it all starts flowing again. Btw, i know all about your french and your recent use of REAL FRENCH too…lol…good going, at this rate you’ll finally catch me coz i’m on the no swearwords policy these days…btw you’ve to excuse Mahru’s french for sure…haina? And half of it is thanx to me… :(..i like fish and duck..funny…a friend used to say what the fudge and another W.T.F, sounds strange when you say it lol..

  2. there was once a time when i didn’t sweared … but now i think swearing is like a blessing … it saves me beating the hell out of others or from being beaten :p ….but from the last 6 months i have stopped doing it … i use better words like …What the F …what theeeeeeee fineeee and use words like freaking and stuff rather then you know what i mean 😉 … the F WORDS :p

  3. MJ says:

    mha, that shouldnt have leaked out:p i dont excuse her anytime!!!asma, thanks. sureubee, lol, so you do it to save urself from getting beaten up huh :pdoes that defense system work :pspecy, lol..that kinda is a tongue twister nai? :ptazeen, hehe advice noted :pbeaugly, aww i loved moonshine 😀

  4. ohh, geez.My french needs to be minded quite a bit.I think it’s all part of freedom of expression, I use euphemisms but they’re sometimes redundant when you’re pretty angry.😐

  5. hmmmm seems to be a good idea not only sometimes can u make a fool out of urself when ur doing this in public n plus u can vomit out all what u wanted to say in ur own version 😉

  6. It’s among one of the my this year’s resolutions that i have to detach my self from this French influence as far as possible Btw… Fish reminds me that in my school days to irritate my friends i used to say as u fish instead of as u wish:D

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