A punjabi proverb

An extremely inappropriate topic to start off with my first post for the new year but like i have done something good on this blog before. totally justified right ? πŸ˜€

“Sochi paiya tay bunda giya”

For those who cannot read roman Punjabi/ Urdu i have made efforts to translate the desi proverb often found written on rickshaws and other colourful public transport. This line made me think a bit for what could be the appropriate translation. Here are my attempts and of what i asked some people around me.

thinking is injurious to health :p

thinking on, man gone

then came some kids and i thought what would be better, lets ask the little geniuses. this is what they said.

sit thinking and man sits forever
a seven year

when you think a lot on something, you are never able to make a decision
a 12 year

i then asked a four year old and she whispered in my ear: *phhooooooo*, a long hard breath that resulted in a lot of tickling

As for the proverb. whoever said it, said it right!

i forgot to mention smacula’s contribution in coming up with this post :p

be impulsive


18 thoughts on “A punjabi proverb

  1. MJ says:

    lol, sami, i will update my post :$daanish, or it means dont act at all :phahaha, umer, i am waiting for daanish to come back here:ptazeen, i agree, and proverbs like these can never be justified on translation :pazra, ughh i do that!!!! 😦

  2. MJ says:

    Rebel, me too 😦specy, finally someone mentioned something about the kids’ reply too πŸ˜€lost in rome, lol kahan say yaad agaya yeh :p ok leme tryplaying flute in front of the buffalo :p

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