New Year tag

Islamic New year has already begun and my post comes totally in time 🙂 Tagged by exquisite once again. thanks a lot 🙂

My note of hope is that all our prayers and wishes and dreams come true. I really really hope that the year ahead brings forth bundles of happiness. The new dawn spreads its joy and warmth on us all.

I want to awaken the optimist sleeping inside me. i hope there is one. one of the bumper stickers on facebook said ” be optimistic. everyone you hate are eventually going to die.” :p you know what my pessimistic side said? Yes indeed and so are you :p

I am habitual of procrastination. its a disease. i better get rid of it. hmm i think i will do it tomorrow. see? i said i suffer badly from it. i have to make hundreds of To Do Lists and my top most to do is procrastinate a bit…

To love myself would be selfish. There are so many people around us who love us more than we love them. Why waste time loving oneself? Its better that we invest in relations we forget to value rather than indulge in loving ourselves. It reminds me of the legend of the narcissist. The first page of The Alchemist reads the story of the narcissist who admired himself so much, it cost him his life..

Best friends are a jewel. Treasure them. They are hard to find as we often hear and i believe its true as well.

Resolutions are made to be forgotten and broken as soon as we step into the next year. that’s the joy of making them in the first place. 😛

i am determined to make my desired achievements in the coming year. inshAllah

From now i am going to try my best to make a difference in whatever way i could. Waiting for too long leaves one in regrets and i’m not looking forward to any more regrets in the coming year.inshAllah

Time to tag my fellow bloggers. since i am quite late on continuing this tag, i believe many have already done this.
lost in rome
Dee (duffer)
calm cool

Use the emboldened words as a guide to continue the tag post along into 2009.


4 thoughts on “New Year tag

  1. Wow, this was interesting.You’re getting deeper as the time goes by, Mubs. I’m seeing more of the woman and less of the girl now. 🙂thanks for passing the tag! Just in time!

  2. awesome… surely resolutions are meants to be broken like promises… but at least u can make em to have something to break nahi?lol. just a positive note of thought!and for ur optimism to shine.. BLESS YOU!it will!

  3. MJ says:

    specy, thanks. this journey from girl to woman is scary on another level :pseher, bless you too 🙂Dee, will peek in your blog soon 🙂 i have been away from all blogs and its taking time to catch up!

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