rising again from the fall…

She took a long deep breath and closed her eyes burning with hot tender drops of tears. Her eyes would explode she knew that but the tears got to stay in.. in.. IN- a biting reminder to self. A drop out and down would be pain and hurt. Let it stay in… and grow into a monster then? When and where the voice came she knew not but it made sense….whats the use of letting the negative emotions build inside the walls of her self? whats the use caging them in and make a monster of them?

She had felt the anger, the emotion of pain and agony. The feelings of helplessness and the dreadful hopelessness had taken their reign long enough. It was time to let go off them all. A farewell was imperative. She had to step out of the flood of excruciating experience of going numb, rising in anger, running around in extremity of sour emotions and falling….the time for endless doubts and uncertainty neared its end. The key to lock the monster lay quietly in her closed palms. Emotions are like wild horses she told herself. She had run a long way with the untamed. You have to set them free some time and then run ahead of them; take the horses by the rein and ride on them not behind them…

Now was the right time to get out of her maimed skin and stand aside. Now that she had felt and understood the pinching of all these emotions, the inner bedlam had to bow to its only audience- her.


14 thoughts on “rising again from the fall…

  1. MJ says:

    mha, im the happiest person alive :p thanks for liking the end, its positive πŸ˜€ beaugly, aww thanks for visiting πŸ˜€specy n UTP, thanks!

  2. the most difficult part of life is not when no one understands you, but it is when you don’t understand yourself… so let it out be expressiveappreciate your every demandevery feelingslive for the daybelieve in the tomorrowpast is all dust

  3. It felt like you were writing with your heart and soul.The angst is evident in how we are the worst critics of our own selves.Your writing’s impressive.[Weird, but I read the comments first and then your post- dunno why]

  4. MJ says:

    seher,nadia, rainy, smiley thank you.and smiley, you naughty girl :psummer, i would be interested in reading what you wrote, if you havent written and torn it..daanish, you mean to say that we shud be at war with ourselves in order to be at war with others? or that if we are not at war with ourselves we are at war with other?exquisite, you have said it so right!!!

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