how well bumper stickers express me :p

This shows the EXACT kind of routine i had during exams…oo i just noticed studying part is missing :p i think that would fit in after #2. In the words of summer cutee “its all in the bumpies”


15 thoughts on “how well bumper stickers express me :p

  1. Uff kasmay…i sleep wherever and whenever i open a book during my exams. Sometimes, i give myself creeps…i just cant sacrifice my sleep for studies…pta nae kyu…right now i’m high on caffeine…lol…i make the best coffee…i think i’ll post a formal invite on my blog too, but all fans of coffee are invited…i’m experimenting these days as well…so i’ll accept new ideas too if you’re too far away to come for a cup of coffee…i’ve just found something in the kitchen i’ve fallen in love with…its a secret weapon for coffee making…

  2. MJ says:

    exqui, exams? what exams? :p hail geek power! LOLsmacula, ya but they are not there :p :sduffer, thanks a lot :pnando, 🙂mha, the secret weapon is coffee beans? :p daanish, fb’s got great bumper stickers! the best that happened to facebook i think :pseher, actually all of that is on the other side of the page :p

  3. oh da bumpy is me … i gus il post it in ma about me wali part… c kal i hav a final exam n its 833 n i havnt studied a single word… so babe it just so meen coffee uff i hate it u kno what surprisingly i ALWAYS with a capital A feel sleepy tea is my life saver

  4. No that weapon is surelY not coffee beans. Coffee beans are not secret, they’re such an obvious weapon. Anyways i’m not revealing it here. I’ve got my new recipie of “berryccinous mochasimus”, sorry for the tongue twister. But caffeine is great, i started loving coke coz it has caffeine and once you have lots of it, you can feet the effects. Try having half a litre coke or dew just after waking up. Dew has lots too

  5. MJ says:

    lost, coffee or tea..umm doesnt really affect me.i can have them and still fall asleep :pbeaugly, you have to try to sleep? lol, exams mai tu waisay hi neend aati hai without any effort :pcalm, not to do list koun banata hai? :pmha, why do u always have to spoil a joke :p of course i know coffee beans cant be the ‘secret’ weapon thats why i so obviously mentioned them :p and thats a tongue twister? its worse than that!ya i know, actually less than half a litre has its effects on me…pepsi or coke :p i hate dew :S

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