strange all the way

i have a few things on my mind that i just to want to splash across this page. here i go, so behold my dear readers πŸ™‚

The Mystery of the Magic Shawl

Its winters. This is the happiest season of all for me. I am on cloud nine with cold winter mornings to greet me every day. Fog spread all across the roads as i take the wide and perhaps the only beautiful road in Lahore, the Main Boulevard where the green belt is spacious, adorned with nature’s well groomed tall trees from the time of the British (well there is The Mall Road as well that shares the same fortune, the rare sights of Lahore now). I simply LOVE winters although i suffer from some peculiar swellings on feet and hands and red burning ears! Winter brings so much more like smoke coming out as you breathe through your mouth, chilly winter nights, rains (though i dont really like the silent winter rains, i prefer the thunder and lightning summer monsoon rains) a warm shawl wrapped around your shoulders as you take tiny sips of the hot tea, hot choco milk or a creamy hot coffee and sniff its addictive fragrance.
The warm shawl. Once it gets stained and stinky, it is thrown in laundry to be washed. However, this season something strange happened but i am perfectly okay with it. My mother, however, is rather upset. I have been wearing a shawl, now my favourite, for quite a long time. Perhaps since the start of winters and i am not letting it get washed at any cost. ITS A MAGIC SHAWL!!! Alright alright i see a few sarcastic eyebrows raised.
Here is what happened and happens πŸ˜€
One fine, unpredictable day i did my ablution and wrapped that magic shawl around my head, folded my hands on my chest and stood for my afternoon prayers. I bowed down for rukku and guess what? I smelled a yummy caramel flavour from out of the blue. I concentrated on my prayers but all along i could smell caramel and strawberry. This strange thing happened day after day after day. And its the shawl!!! Whenever i wear it, it emits wonderful and delicious smells of caramel, creams and strawberries and what not! Isnt this just amazing? I didnt even do my baking with the shawl on so there goes the reason Summer gave- perhaps the cookies i baked left its odour on the shawl. Nope. Not at all.

I had a Dream..

A guy in dress pants in a rather decent attire was seen dancing the Bollywood style dance on the roads. The dance was along a few other men in the background. You know the extras with their fake happy expressions,coordinating perfectly with each other while the hero in a different and distinctive dressing keeps blocking them throughout the sequence and displays his art of dancing after a infinite retakes.
Well yes The Guy kept dancing in my dream. I apologize to use the “i had a dream” title which readily brings to mind the Martin Luther’s I had a Dream. The image of the actual dream is blurry and vague now from what i had in the morning. I cant even recall the expression on his face, just some dance moves :p
With no mood of taking an exam but all the same glad whenever the cold wind blew past me, i reached college, still thinking about the meaningless dream :p To everyone’s annoyance and a couple of loud protests, we were told that exam timings have been changed to 1.00 pm in the afternoon. As we sat idle, with no mood of revision,i talked to one of my class fellows about the “dancing” dream. She said it was the sign that the exam would be delayed. You do see that i was already on the road to hysteria. (Psst, nando villa that’s when you called in and i went on jabbering.) Another one suggested something on the lines of porn and i thought she said pop corns.
What’s strange is that during exams, when the fever is high, mood low on studying, eyes heavy with sweet sleep, students normally get dreams/nightmares related to exams! You know the kind where math sums form the shape of sponge bob or formulas start to encircle your ruffled hair or you see yourself slipping through a ladder of difficult theories…what do i dream of? a dancing man? funny…weird…goosebumps :p

The Chowki Daar ( The Gatekeeper at College)

Our college has this rule that requires of us students to show our I.D cards every time we enter the gates. A fat, bulging tummy and uniformed chowkidaar sits at one of the gates of the campus and keeps a check on who ever passes through. We have to show him our I.D cards and i kind of enjoy that ritual. As girls fish for theirs in their huge bags, i already have mine in my hand. Like a proud little girl who earned a golden star on her notebook for good work, i show my I.D to the chowkidaar. To which he always says “shabaash” and in english it would be “good girl”. I find this extremely funny. I appreciate his technique of motivating girls because i know how annoying this rule gets when girls hurriedly enter the gates. Every morning as he mutters a “shabaash”, i unconsciously smile to myself and walk towards my department. On other occasions i don’t really like any of the chowkidaars. They have high tendencies for being rude and nasty. Not so strange but had that on my mind…

Do not Litter

The above is totally and very easily and humbly forgotten. Like someone erased one of the first lessons our parents taught us about tidiness and using bins from our memories. Every time we buy ourselves the once imported but now locally produced Lays chips, we throw the wrapper just near by, only a few feet away from the actual bin. I would hear girls saying “o i don’t want any other chips, Super Crisps don’t have any quality, i want Lays” or ” i don’t want Country juice, give me Nestle’s” Such high standards but no civic sense?
Today i was about to trip over a can of Red Bull. Litter and absent civic sense drives me CRAZY. what has happened to our common sense? I wonder what those pretty caked up girls, with pedicures and manicures and perfect hair do in their homes. Do they just eat and party around and leave the place dirty?
Then there are beautiful mornings, the sun’s shining warmly on the azure sky, you stroll out on the streets and just then something drives past. You notice o wow that’s the new Corolla or Mercedes. You’re not even done appreciating the good tastes of the car owner when an empty box of Mc Donalds pops out of the window, lingers in mid air for a few seconds, my eyes scan the whole scene, car zooms ahead and empty boxes, wrappers land on the once spotless road. I suggest if we are so proud and shameless of littering, why not even shit in the streets? Not a bad idea. Lets just keep in mind, cats do that too but even they hide it away. Its time to think of our long lost, erased lessons of civic sense.

to be continued…


17 thoughts on “strange all the way

  1. Nando_Villa says:

    first commeentwhen i show him the id card i think of sumthin like me being in FBI sumhin like amina khalid homocide well i have fancies my self as a new york FBI investigator..u knw how much i love NY …. and for the rest BBBBORRRRRRRRRRIINNNgo away sad boring mubi …i want my friend back

  2. MJ says:

    lol, i know your never ending love for NY :p how cool is that huh *sarcastic* hehehe, Amna, FBI! the other half of your comment broke my heart 😦

  3. lol ami…i flip open my wallet as welll…u know it has that flipping pocket…feels really cool but when im in a rush i hate it!!and yea mubi he says shabaash innay mazay se..and abt ur magic shawl u most prolly ate or drank st and spilled it on the shawl…

  4. Wash teh sawl Mubi…wash it. Is it like the Traveling Pants that don’t ever have to be washed or the magic goes away? So, what WERE you baking with caramel and strawberries and cream? I bake without a shawl so my HAIR ends up smelling like cookies or cakes or chocolate but they cannot be left unwashed all winter, LOL.I always get shabash from chowkidars and ayas too…don’t the other girls give you those ‘kill-you’ looks? πŸ˜€“Such high standards but no civic sense?” Now THAT is an ace statement.

  5. The Mystery of the Magic Shawl:oh i hav an idea… wash just a just a corner of the shawl and if still smells good go ahead and wash all of it. n ya miss specs is right i also thought of abt sisterhood of travellin pants when i read ur post.I had a moby lucky you, i dreamt the typical k im in the env. lab n miss almas is showin me ma exams and i hav failed all of them n my heart is about to stop whwn suddenly my brother woke me up..shuuuuuThe Chowki Daar ( The Gatekeeper at College)i always show him ma id but i hav never heard any shhabas.. not that i want.. lol

  6. This was so much fun to read… πŸ™‚ more of these please in future πŸ˜›that magic shawl thing is scary :S u seriously, to this very day, can smell the aroma of caramel and strawberry :S ? lol at the dream… hahaha… i mean .. wow… and pop corns , ahem, .. priceless πŸ˜€ofc, we as a nation do know how to brag, how to assert, how to do just about anything… the only thing that is lacking is our civic sense… and maybe even a few grams of that white matter too maybe missingand a big ‘Shabash’ for this very enjoyable post:)

  7. Calm Cool says:

    its always fun to read ur big stories of little happenings, u give them a good limelight.well i love winter too but miss it alot bcz we seldom have any day so cold in Khi with smoky sky n mouths 😦 and yep as everyone requesting u plz wash ur shawl just for a change in its magic.lucky u r, having dancing dreams in exams.“Such high standards but no civic sense?” ahhhhh this the thing which always bother me and i must say that these so high people not only lack civic sense but the common sense also!

  8. Ohh wow.I want a shawl like yours, and rest assured I wasn’t one of those readers who raised their eyebrows.I believe in magic and aromatic shawls.Seriously.The dream is freaky, maybe it was just me but I couldn’t see any link between the dancers and your exam being delayed {shrugs} maybe that’s just me.Your door keeper sounds so adorable,I’d be just like you and find his ‘shabaash’ pretty sweet.It would make me work hard to earn that!Haha.Yes, I am crazy like that.The littering thing is so bad, I hate how disgusting we are as a whole.You’re absolutely right, might aswell shit on the streets since we leave everything else for the world to see.=|

  9. MJ says:

    summer, your flip wallet :p and i did not spill anything on my shawl, thats for sure!specy, hehehe, hmm i think its like those pants :p want the magic to stay.. you too get the shabashs? lol its great!seher, πŸ˜€ insane is cool purple, no 😦 i smell jasmine or orange from the fabric softener’s bottle directly :plost, hahaha i love ur idea, guess will just wash a tiny bit of the shawl πŸ˜€ exquisite, nope not scary at all. its cool πŸ˜€ hahaha thanks for the shabash!beaugly, good question!! πŸ˜€ your really made me think actually :pcalm cool, thanks! nope, m not going to wash it *evil grin* rainy, finally someone who likes my shawl πŸ˜€ lol and the interpretation of the dream was result of hysteria :p and ya the chowki dar is a fat chubby guy, with a few of his teeth missing and mouth red with excessive pan eating (beetle leaves)daanish, thanks. magic baby shawl :p

  10. Hey hey hey, i’m back. Finally. And i’ve a woolen scarf too, a magic woolen scarf which smells of bvlgari :p..which according to me is one of the tastiest scents..i feel reborn!

  11. Neiter did i *innocent look*waisay the chowkidaar wali baat reminds me, i got my library card finally made. After an year and a half. Which is my only identification to me being a student of uet. Lol, a few days ago, on a sunday, we weren’t allowed to enter, and i made the sneakiest of escapes inside, i just made sure the chowkidaar had seen my card, though i had none. You’ve to know to talk yourself out. Waisay thank God they dont check it here everyday like KC, but i like doing it. Fortunately or unfortunately i’ve never been asked for my driving license. I like the FBI style identification too that amna is talking about…infact, i’d even say “FBI, I NEED YOUR CAR” if the opportunity is there. Which i doubt will ever be.

  12. Nando_Villa says:

    oh yeh m.h.a …. the car thing lol … oh u made ur lib card i am abt to start six sem n i still dont have a lib card ..classic…n the fights we have had ..doubt if they will make me on

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