Of l.i.f.e and e.f.i.l backwards part 2

Does anyone of you remember part 1? never mind. its not even connected… life. i wonder why all the deadly words are 4 lettered? fear, life, love, hate, corny (oh no,that’s a five:p). coincidence?

It amazes me how these tiny words, apparently harmless, contain a world within them. I call them deadly again. Our lives revolve around these words. The love we find or lose in our life, the hurt and warmth we receive and give arouses certain kind of fear, fear of loss? See? I am able to contain these words in one sentence and talk about them in reference to my life, anyone’s life. if i have done that and i am sure all of us are good at talking about life, love, hate and what not, why is it so hard for us to react towards these emotions the way we talk of them? maybe i am wrong..maybe something else…

I read somewhere that we are afraid to be loved. Love makes us feel vulnerable and that’s like going into the wounded state. You are unprotected, bare, flesh open to be ripped apart. We think that if we let others love us, we are giving them our weakness. So we hold back, we resist and control. is it? is love such a bizarrely uncomfortable feeling? I think this theory is somewhat right.

if its love, why control or resist or think twice? is trust such an alien concept? what happened to us? Its like we are always calculating, alright if i love them this much, would they love me back? oh i am already on that vulnerability point. this is where we come and stop ourselves. this is where the lines are drawn.

why is it so hard to make amends, to take a step forward and say sorry and mean it. Why do we think that sorry would leave us weak and dependent. Arnt we all dependent on each other…


14 thoughts on “Of l.i.f.e and e.f.i.l backwards part 2

  1. I am the last person who has any experience in this field but from what I see around me, I think that once you give yourself it’s the matter of letting yourself being vulnerable infront on that special person.I think fear mingled with the situation makes it all worth the ride, when you fear losing something, it makes it more valuable and significant- all the more reason to hold onto it with a strong, firm grip.

  2. I think by nature we are control freaks and no matter what it is…we get uncomfortable if we lose control…falling in love or being loved is quite an overwhelming emotion and one does feel out of control…hence maybe afraid…also…but it sure is beautiful to be in love…just like jumping of plane for skydiving runs adrenaline…love is that sort of emotion while keeping ur feet on the ground….

  3. i think there’s no such thing as true love, nor there is absolute hate… yes, u may feel affectionate towards someone… or disgust… but nothing in its extremest senseemotions are complicated, and they should be… once, we start digging too deep into them, we reach a dead end and that just keeps the frustration fueling into an uncontrollable rage… you are sort of right, the four letter word L-O-V-E doesn’t do it justice… it encompasses within it a plethora of conflicting and exploding emotions…that said, the only true love is the one with your Creatortake careexquisite

  4. Nando_Villa says:


  5. I think people are terrified of rejection…and love exposes and makes their emotions raw…they are open to it and its a risk they’re taking.UTP is right…we are control freaks.

  6. MJ says:

    exqui, hmm yes that would be love on an entirely different level. complicated and something that completes us once we understand that relation with the Creator.hfm, even i am the last person when it comes to this field..but apart from that special person, love for anyone is magical and intricate and sometimes so simple makes one wonder, what have we been missing on… UTP, i couldnt agree with you more..

  7. MJ says:

    nando, you would make such a bad PR practitioner :pazra, thats three of us now 🙂 but there is another thing, love makes one selfless or selfish?

  8. i think… when first subjected to love.. .we all embrace it.. till we feel the hurt it comes withand this is not the love that involves a man and a woman.. a boy or a girl… this is love for anythin and everythin… for love is a package taht includes great hurtand that is where the ‘fear’ comes from !

  9. MJ says:

    smacula, why does the hurt come with such a beautiful emotion anyway? i completely agree how the hurt gives way to fear and then sometimes even hate..but why? i have this quote stuck in my mind that says ‘love is the only rational act’ i dont really think so…

  10. the hurt is not a seperate entity.. it is mixed well into love… hurt comes when we expect love and do not get it… hurt comes when a loved one does not fulfill our expectations… hurt comes when a loved one does somthin we do not expect…note the theme… love forms expectations… even if one openly declares that they hav none.. it still forms then.. and when they are not fulfilled.. you feel hurt…also.. hurt comes when you want love and do not get any… hurt comes as a lack of love!

  11. Calm Cool says:

    we all r dependent to each other but mubi there is no either in love, if u really mean it than it makes us selfless for the other person and selfish for ourselves and that selfishness is nothing but a fear. fear of losing.well, yep we love to talk abt this and our reaction is always resistant but this all doesn’t make love a bizarrely thing, its all the part of it, some little additions with the package without which the treat is incomplete 🙂

  12. 1. i dunno about love but shes if u do really bare your soul to someone, they will hurt you at some point, even though they might not realize it. but we can forgive and forget after all they are also human s but it hurts they most bcz they were really close to us… so the bottom line is to relax we are bound to get hurt so why not throw all caution to the wind and live life as fully as possible.2.” love makes one selfless or selfish?” it can make us both, some get selfish some get selfless..3. mobe why do we have to dissect the word life love hurt letter by letter.. alll are integral part of life and everyone experiences them so babe just lay off. zindagi may aur kam tension ha k ab hum iss k bara ma bhi socahian. you knoe life gets as hard as you wanna make it and it gets as easiers as you want it to be..so little advice, life is short and just once so try to make it simply yara

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