i love it, i love it, i love it! wohooo!

Alright, beware people, yes you boring ones out there:p theres no hope i am coming to my senses any time soon..or lets say it the way king Julien says it “lets do it before we come back to our senses..” Madagascar 2 Yup, i just watched this movie and i am so sorry Summer cutee, i cudnt resist the temptation and you know so well the degree of it increased tenfold the minute you told me not to watch it already!!! *me sings the move it, move it song* and *dances like Alex*
The thing is, i get on a high after i watch these animated movies (ya one of the silly me moments i have after chocolates, coke/pepsi/any fizzy dizzy drink/animated movies etc etc [thats the censor part])!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so totally excuse my senselessness. wohoooo! i liked its track ‘ i been around the world in the pourin rain.’
i have got both good news and bad news. good news is we are landing immediately, bad news is we are crash landing.

Since i am feeling out of my tree over the animation, i would suggest Bolt, an upcoming Disney movie, its great! (you will hear that from me about every, i mean every cartoon movie hehehe)
by the way i was thinking on posting some serious ‘about life’ stuff but then this happened( totally flew out of my senses and landed somewhere near the island of blogomogo) and i realized i will just spare it till after the Eid and exams, Both Es are like so important i think i will make a post somewhere in between.
oh here are a few brilliant clicks(unquoting someone *one raised and one flat eyebrow in sarcasm* that my clicks are not so good for them) :p i have a feeling, this is going to be the first longest post ever on my blog( long in the sense of length and space)

My favourite this season. what is this? WD 40 *music in the background* WD 40 saves the day. so i go around the house, all jumpy and jumpy spraying it into the nuts and bolts and hinges and voila! no terrible annoying *crigg* *crigg* or whatever it sounds like noises.
My sandals. remember i talked of them in one of the earlier posts? what? you dont remember that? well in case you dont remember that, which would be so not good 😦 leme quickly tell you. well these are my weinbrenner sandals that i own since last year, no actually last, last year. These are like are own feet! inseparable! However, my pops was successful in his plan of buying me a new pair of some ‘cool’ shoes in his definition which means horrors of horrors! i have to disown these and wear those to college! farewell thee good old sandals! someone please be kind to hand me some tissues *shooooroooonnnnnnnnn*
this is the page where me and my fat, little, evil friends bring our totally, immensely, screwy conversations to life during class lectures. this picture is humbly dedicated to those crazy brainless brainys.

this is my happy big toe, say hi to the world!

this, i dare to present, a filthy state of affairs. the hub of dengue! the tiny waterfall in my college, presently empty though. i like the reflection of the trees in the still water πŸ™‚ ooohhhhh i see a machar!

this i know would get the most votes.. catty in a festive, playful mood. (hehehe summer cutee, i used this pic!)

this is a banner of a ‘loose your weight’ ad which says ‘ your only saving that we are going to take away from you is your obesity. 15 to 25pounds within a month and 5 inches decrease in your waist’ WOW neat deal huh! well i love the way they have used their advertising technique, if there was any :p The word ‘motapa’ as we say it in urdu or ‘obesity’ didnt come in the picture. I couldnt really keep my hand in position in a moving car but hey you can see the three dots of “pay” on the top left of the picture!
the upcoming star made a debut in photo session done by cutee. cute little goat with siblings in the background poses with its droopy ears.

my infamous truck driver sandals, nando villa/aami’s favourite footwear she loathes!

last but not the least, i baked yummy, delicious, mouth watering chocolate chip cookies last week and my brother did some food photography πŸ˜€ today is another cookie baking day πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

and lastly,i am working on my own calligraphy eid mubarak but for the time being… πŸ™‚

p.s: did i say anything about the longest post?


19 thoughts on “i love it, i love it, i love it! wohooo!

  1. haha cool post! the sandals you are being snatched off remind me of my best frnd’s nike sandals she got em many times repaired and used em for 2 3 years i think lol!Eid mubarik!and that bakra is really cute πŸ™‚

  2. haha, your toe saying hi was the funniest! πŸ˜€i can soo relate to the long converstions in class, amazingly they turn out neater then the lesson notes πŸ˜›eid mubarak to you too Mubi, have a great one!πŸ˜€

  3. lol crazy silly billy moby!!! eid mubarik to u n ur family and also to all the readers of this post.ya i can see da cookies n i want to eat them n kolg ma monady ko bana ka lana.i likes ur truck driver sandals me wants to own a pair too.goat: yar hamain pata ha k tum kitni payari ho. tasveer laga k apna husn ki numaish kyun kar rahi ho.to toe: hi welcome to da world fatty.

  4. who u calling fat little and evil huh?!! the only part i agree to is being brainless brainys…anyways i wished i cudve clicked ur reaction with that pic of the waterfall!!my photography is finally gaining sum appreciation πŸ˜€ happy to grace ur blog ;p

  5. Good. You reminded me.Have to take my kids to see it.I was the Cinepax (Pindi) earlier and was suitably impressed. Exactly the same as any North American multiplex in terms of design, concession, quality of sound and picture. The only thing missing really were the trash cans. Ours have trash bins in and out the theater, everywhere, and they get used!

  6. Nando_Villa says:

    who u calling fat little and evil huh?!! the only part i agree to is being brainless brainys… hahahahah ….those truck driver shoes are vile….and finally how high were you when u wrote this post..i.e. how much sugar u had … cuz this isnt the post of a normal human …and glad to see my page on ur blog now if i culd ….u knw ..erm erm HAVE IT BACK …… πŸ™‚

  7. MJ says:

    summer and nando. *hug and butsie* :pboba, did u get my email? thanks for dropping by:)Azra, hey did u watch it? i LOVED itsista, i totally agree with you, and if there are trash cans they are over flowing :S dirty public washrooms and absent bins *ugh* happy holiday! πŸ™‚smacula, ahem ahem. i think you need to read the comments carefully coz lunatic and smiley mentioned smth about the clicks :p so did summer and nando ;p

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