terrible times..

The prevailing state mirrors what Mustafa- the Chosen One- had fortold: “there will come a time when there will be a lot of haraj“. When asked what is haraj, he said “killing”. He also said: “the one being killed will not know why he is being killed, and the one killing will not know why he is committing the murder.”


6 thoughts on “terrible times..

  1. MJ says:

    illusion n beaugly, indeed we are living that time! definitely sad…rainy n smiley, scary and true! the reminder is for those who i think wud never read these lines…

  2. AA says:

    Is there anything we could do to change this? There must be something mubi..something which could change this once & for all.We don't want this bloodshed then why its happening?Why we're are so hapless?Why can't we do anything about it?Anyone?? Anywhere??

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