I have no idea what I am going to write (LIKE ALWAYS). All I know right now is that I have one heck of a fast typing speed. Weirdly it slows down when I occasionally take a peek towards my dusty keyboard and becomes faster when I glue my teeny weeny eyes to the screen and see the words appear rapidly filling the white blank space. I have to write an essay of around 2000 words minimum on something very philosophical and I can’t bring myself to form the ideas( some ideas and arguments that I surely have somewhere in my grey matter) into coherent thoughts and then translate them into proper grammar. My deadline awaits me just 4 days ahead. I am on the verge of panic but I know that panic would take a back seat as soon as I take a look around 60% of the room (rest of the 40%, I have very generously given to my brother. This computer where I spend most of my time comes in his tiny part of the room and now I realize that I have written enough in the brackets and that I should stop doing that and come out of the bracket)[WHHEEEE!!! I am out of the bracket: p] and in no time I will find something to indulge myself into and then totally become oblivious to the threatening deadline.

*oo i have to finish reading that book!*
*something good in the fridge to eat i wonder*
*my bed and chocolaty brown blanket…zzzzzz*

moral of the story: temptation is good and deadlines could kill but we always survive


23 thoughts on “blah

  1. i studied only the last 36 hours b4the paper and frolicked about for the whole term/sem b4 that… so yes… i am a livin proof of the fact that one does survive…ps… my brains messed up.. u cud talk to me for inspiration ;)!

  2. she was making faces… i looked at her when i sed the faces wala part but u and mubi took it on urself…thats y i dun like other people in our group… we are just so ready to fight a lil thing triggers it off..

  3. Nando_Villa says:

    no cat fight sami…. it was more of a verbal fight …. i dunno then summer if we dont like other ppl why oh why didnt we strike her name out….she should be glad to be in our group

  4. Nando_Villa says:

    cutee we have stupid brains ..for sure…their has to be a reason for us random idiot to hang around with nuthin in common..lmao

  5. lol thats true…well it was hysterical weds afterall…it just got hysterical at the wrong end today πŸ˜›i think mubster hasnt read her blod yet…or have u informed her??lol lets guess wat she’d say…“wow! i never expected my blog to turn into a truce zone” or sth like that πŸ˜› rite mubi?

  6. Interesting “Blah”“I have to write an essay of around 2000 words minimum on something very philosophical and I can’t bring myself to form the ideas”Here are few ideas:1.Conscious Creation:mind power2.Recycling:need of time3.How Prayers Work:scientific reasoning

  7. MJ says:

    boba and specy lol thanks! now the moral is getting scary :psmacula, i dont study at all, i guess if i say an hour before the exam now would make me break ur record :prainy, hehe i hope so too!OMG summer and nando! cudnt you both find some other place to do the ‘truce’ thing:p *infamous mubi expression* loldaanish. lol i already have a terrible topic to work on and u have ‘helped’ me by giving more of them!!!!! :p

  8. MJ says:

    hahaha exqui, first welcome bk :plol, thanks for the suggestion:p but i dont think i wud be able to decipher that mystery:D πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. Nando_Villa says:

    no we couldnt …mubi …if sweetee n nando decide to hold a truce here we will…ur blog should be lucky tht it ws holdin such a momentus truce…

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