Man of the match dude

Edited: this post was to hit the page yesterday..but it got a bit delayed

Alright, i never really thought i’d write about cricket on my blog. But hey here i am typing away all about it! There has been a lot about ICL, the famous, the trouble maker thing for the our players who went over there and then ended up getting banned over here! I dont understand whats the big deal? Well i m not really in a sensible position to say anything at all, but its just that if someone is getting good money and may i add, a hell lota good experience why not? I mean they are going over there and playing and still be known like ‘hey theres Inzi, hes from Pakistan’ or like ‘oye thats Imran Nazir, again from Pakistan’
Without furthering my loose talk on the oh so serious talk on the ICL controversy and our players, this post is about the above mentioned Imran Nazir, the hero of the day, the man of the match of today’s game between Lahore Badshahs (like that name :p) and Hyderabad Heroes that was played in Ahmadabad. The crowd roared and hooted and cheered and sang while the players enthusiastically maneuvered their way to victory.
Star of the day was Imran and he did play some great shots. His hits displayed his command and control over his batting which was good to see after a long time. Every other minute i nagged my brother with questions and exclamations of this sort: “aray haaaaaan Azhar Mehmood bhi tu team mai hota tha kabhi!” and “oooo bhai, Imran Nazir where did he come from? was he in hiding or something?” and i was a bit surprized to see Saqlain in the field playing after a LONG period!
The only thing that irritated me about Imran Nazir was his swaying of hair to and fro like some glamourous Bollywood heroine. Then after some repeatitive swings of head and hair i realized there is something weird about his hair….YES!! He had straigthened them and no wonder he was flaunting them so much!! LOL.. That was some sight but he was the man of the no complaining about those over excessive flaunting in celebration of his victory :p


24 thoughts on “Man of the match dude

  1. Its Imran Nazeer not naseer…waisay i couldn’t watch the match but i heard it all, all day today…waisay cricket is the only sport jis se dil uth gya hai…but still i should’ve watched it…so gya tha 😦

  2. MJ says:

    lol, interestingly i had written naseer twice and nazir twice too (in my b4 edited draft)! alright i figured out! s and z are so close to each other :p

  3. “‘alright alright freakos i just wrote s instead of z when i pronounce it as nazir and not nasir :S :p thanks by the way :D”AND HERE GOES AGAIN:“lol, interestingly i had written naseer twice and nazir twice too (in my b4 edited draft)! alright i figured out! s and z are so close to each other :p”This is an example of our national trait…..defencive wont’t accept:I MADE A BOBO!

  4. MJ says:

    LOLdaanish, first i did accept and made a changesecond its human nature, ppl are defensive…nai?thirdly on a lighter and positive note; at least i m living up to my national trait 😀 😀 😀fourthly when i am saying something as <>s is close to z<>, i think thats the way i joke abt:pand in case you missed what you quoted, i wrote thanks(which was that i am glad they pointed it out) along with it:p lol @ i am made a bobo :p

  5. MJ says:

    smacula,on haan i totally forgot he mentioned having no interest in acting in films and i am glad he did 😀summer,lol, stay away from sports girl! :pnando,hehe, you just did!Dee,i totally agree, fantastic innings!

  6. indusvale says:

    I like the name Lahore Badshahs,. the sad thing ofcourse is I only found out about this on facebook yesterday !! where fellow Pakistanis were getting ecstatic about the win. No… haven’t been living under a rock just that have lost interest in cricket over the years (back after the 92 win!)

  7. Nando_Villa says:

    mubi nando,hehe, you just did!MUBI …accordin to nando_villa you r a loser…. ahahhahhaa.. cricket.. glad tht wont see this one with drugs in his luggage how stupid if u r carryin em try n conceal em..dont be an idiot tht u would be arrested at the customs ….hahahahaha and wont see mahesh bhatt with him and dancing on stupid indian reality shows… and cricket is juss a wastage of time……oh shite…i talked abt cricket again…shite shite shite

  8. MJ says:

    beaugly, hmm i think ur a basketball fan? indus, gotta support Lahore 😀zanzi, besta luck with ur work. hehe am i glad my unworthy blog proved to be a bit useful 😀nando villa, *hugs* sometimes i am just too overwhelmed to have friends like you 😀 p.s cricket is not waste of time :p

  9. Calm Cool says:

    yoo that innings was realy fabulous,aftr a long long time such a good treat with some of our lost stars… i was surprised + excited to saw them again. though i'm not at al a cricket fan & only watch a match when it is @ ful adventure n abt to end bt this tym i saw it al.

  10. AA says:

    yeah he played a blistering knock & it was sure a treat watching him smashing bowlers in every corner of the ground..wish he would have played few innings of such brilliance for his national team as well <>*sigh*<>

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