the pen wrote…

When death takes its toll

The horrors of mortality rolls

The embrace moves a step closer

We live many lives

Beginning with I

Ending with I…

In the middle was a world

That pushed me, pulled me,

Held me, left me

Followed me,

Nurtured my ‘I’ and held my hand

My ‘I’ abandoned ‘me’

The pen went on writing

Telling stories

Of flesh and blood

Of Is and Mes

Of rises and falls,

Till death takes its toll…


18 thoughts on “the pen wrote…

  1. Mortality to me is not a thing of horror but of solace.Immortality. What could be more horrible? I don’t necessarily “hope” for death but immortality would rob anything and everything of its value.

  2. MJ says:

    lunatic, i have never written a masterpiece, how would i know 😉zanzi, tortured? umm, i wont say tortured but scared perhaps…thanks.sista, your perspective has made me think…immortality becomes fantastical,..think of fiction that talks of potions and magic spells that would lead to eternal life,immortality..intriguing but false.but yes thats horrible! however, if mortality is solace, why does it haunt us? uncertainty of life..why does that leave us desiring(not always but there are moments when you think of how uncertain the breaths you take are..)smacula, you are somewhat right, isnt man in a constant state of uncertainty?exqui, not really despondent is it? though i think it relfects my mood a bit too transparently :/

  3. <>….there are moments when you think of how uncertain the breaths you take are..<>Yeah. So make the most of them already. And what the $%^@ is life without desire anyway?

  4. Niiiiiice, (points two fingers at you in a double barrel fashion) I like your style…I just wonder, if the pen really stops writing when death tolls? Like everything else here, we all have different views about death, some wait for it, some fear it, but one thing’s common, we all know its right there. Its like every second of your life is a blind turn, you dont know if there’s a speeding car waiting to run you over. Its that close. But love the piece, you like poetry much much better, atleast out of my league hehe

  5. MJ says:

    agreed sista. most of us fear our mortality..death intensifies the desires(which is right, whats life without it) which gives way to greed…beaugly 😦mha, thanks yar!

  6. Nando_Villa says:

    mubi u have to much time or your hands… i would love my notebook back since u didnt put tht convo up and mutley feels bad now….all i am gonna say is BBBOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG>..hahahhahahahahha… the boring website got juss a bit more blah …hahahhahahah …too much time thus she cums up with post like the past three …ahah…. LMAO

  7. MJ says:

    nope nope :p btw exqui you didnt make any new post? thanks soul 😉 you are first one to actually point out that line 🙂what addition daanish? thanks for visiting 🙂

  8. A masterpiece indeed. I loved the way ‘I’ and ‘me’ were used. Seems like ‘I’, ‘me’, and even ‘mine’ and the world everything is confronting and embracing each other.. pushing and pulling..Thanks for sharing.

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