“One cannot step twice in the same river”


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  1. i’m too brainless to interpret this right now … someone please do this for me 😛apparently, i’ve stepped in the same river (i assuming our mistakes?) more than once… very unfortunate!

  2. it’s a part of a long quote” Everything flows…. everything is in a constant flux of motion. Nothing is abiding…and therefore….. We cannot step twice into the same river, Because when we do…. Neither are we the same… Nor is the river…. “

  3. MJ says:

    lol, aww <>lunatic<>, i wanted you guys to come up with interpretations!! chalo thats alright :p everyone knows now 😀 <>exqui<>, so we have this in common, being brainless :paw sorry <>smiley<>, i was just too impressed by the piece, i decided to just add this one intriguing line 😉<>daanish<>, i did it deliberately..its not really about doing justice :S duffer( i am calling you <>Dee<> from onwards)why wont you step into the river? i LOVE rivers <>beaugly<>!lol,yes <>smacula<>, thats what we need!!!

  4. Does it mean that the river is always changing?Meaning though it may be the same physically, it is actually another moment in our lives, therefore the river has symbolically changed?I understand it in my way, dunno if it makes sense to anyone else.😐

  5. MJ says:

    thats exactly what it means hfm 🙂its like we cannot step twice in the same portion of water coz it has already flowed away…thats exactly how our lives are. there is a constant change, motion taking place, moments passing by. whats gone, is gone.

  6. ” thats exactly what it means hfm 🙂its like we cannot step twice in the same portion of water coz it has already flowed away…thats exactly how our lives are. there is a constant change, motion taking place, moments passing by. whats gone, is gone.“but our actions are same..so if the rivers is our action then it i same..though the reasons and consequences, and situations can be different but the”action” is same… wat say u??

  7. Noooo when i read it,i had already formed my interpretation…yaaaar, Acha i’ll give that interpretation despite Lunatic having stated the context.Well i thought k it means you cannot make a mistake twice. And i was gonna say “the guy hasn’t met pakistanis, we make the same mistake over and over again and step into the same river (we think its a river, though its turned into a swamp). We step into it again and again to be tricked again and again.”but if i translate my interpretation to meet the original one somewhat, what i can come up with is that its true that the river flows but what if its not even a river. What if its stopped flowing, happens here atleast. Then you can step into it twice or how many times you like, but that is not necessarily good. This condition happens when time refuses to let go off an even, some people or anything. Haina? Somethings never change, they should change but they never do. Philosophy is such an open subject that every philosophical statement is true and false simultaneously. Hope i didn’t talk gibberish

  8. dont breed false hopes kitten 😛even without considering the actual contextof which this quote is a part of, we cannot make the same mistakes twice…something is always different…nothing can be identical to the past time or incident…sometimes its the situation or the space or the person…and almost every time the catalyst is different even slightly but different still…and kitten if the rivers not flowing anymore or has dried up it wudnt be called a river anymore now wud it??khair…@ lunatic…its a really beautiful quote when complete…and i agree wiv teh last part that says “Neither are we the same…Nor is the river…”

  9. MJ says:

    ya zanzi, have heard and experienced deja vu but i think its something on another level..though we can always interpret it on how deja vu and psychology related to what Heraclitus said…

  10. MJ says:

    illusion, you cant do that by mistake or even intentionally, coz the water has already flowed…your action might be the same but in different waters

  11. u state the theory that life consists of 4 dimensions… that time once flown cannot return.. that it cannot b bent.. that it flows in a straight line.. .yet we know that loop holes exist… that light bends along a surface… that time can be warped and broked and bent… that… one can hence step again… into the same river !

  12. AA says:

    mubi ye dunya bhi na ek ajeeb hai..you never know whats coming & you can't anticipate anything..its like a cycle & whenever that cycle is complete you go through that phase yet again..it asks the same questions from you & sometimes you're so hopeless that despite knowing everything you commit the same mistake..this is what life is about.

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