Of l.i.f.e and e.f.i.l backwards part 1

What do i know about life and myself. Twenty years! Its a big word to write even( esp when you keep typing w before t)

People say life happens. You blink your eyes and a lot of time has already flown by. Time waits for no one, thats scary and true. Life and time, both are a bit dodgy or perhaps i am just a bit tooooo lazy. yawn. But the question stays, lingers, loiters, dances a bit and waves at me. Oh my good gracious God, what is life? No matter how many wise quotations you pour inside your head and try to feel what the person coming up with the quote went through and say ‘yes! thats exactly what life is!’ No, lifes not what already dead or perhaps living wise men have summed up in one line. That one line was just a point in their lives.

Let me think of one such point in my life. I think life is that plane where sometimes the front pocket of the seats dont have the vomiting bags in time! ew. thats true, sometimes its that deceiving. (btw i have never seen a front pocket with the bag missing!) bad example.
Life is perhaps like that chocolate bar on the other side of the glass window. You cannot buy it because either you are too poor or too late to find the shop with the closed sign on display! Interesting is the fact that if you are too poor, chances are that you will have enough money at least once in your life to taste that bar. The latter possibility isnt that hard to achieve is it?
How many times have i heard people say ‘life’s boring’. Please think again. Life is boring why? Maybe we are too myopic to experience the delicacies of life.

I took a workshop a few days back. Was it an eye opener for me, the Queen of Lethargy? Well no. In that particular environ, with ACs on, well lit auditorium, among the rich( not everyone, the word goes too well with the sentence) i felt that yes, now i know how i should take rein of my life. Now i know how to handle stress and work with others and finally give a toast to myself for my self discovery. It only lasted till i moved out of the AC, the wel lit rooms, the rich. The next thing i knew, i was keeping ahead of the stress management session. Good eh? Once back home i was in a furious skirmish with my brother, ah the delights of life! Thats life i guess… I mean what is life without stress? Stress rises your chances of heart attacks said the guy from The IT Crowd(check the credibility of my source, but heck thats true!) Well life without too little stress is ‘life’s boring’ dialogue slipping out of your empty taste buds.

to be continued, till i am alive…(deep)


19 thoughts on “Of l.i.f.e and e.f.i.l backwards part 1

  1. scary stuff for surei don’t like defining my life… i would rather let life define mebecause by giving it a meaning, i restrain myself from all the other possibilities which i may or may not be able to experiencewhy are we here in first place? What’s our purpose? ride this wave of life, surf it… but keep in mind, the answer is not always a pleasing one!p.s. c’mon bhai sai larai … grow up ๐Ÿ™‚ also me agree with u on the issue of ms. bijli… lately she’s been acting like a well-manered kid with full attendance in a military school …

  2. u go into an air conditioned room… lights out… projector on… a motivational speaker speakin his thoughts… and then… lights on but you still stay determined… till the moment you walk out that door and whiff of hot air hits you in the face…welcom bak to reality it tells u…stress management… what stress management !!! all bs ๐Ÿ˜€ !

  3. @Sami jee: Being judgmental, are we ๐Ÿ™‚ ?Perhaps, you holding a different standpoint or maybe myself being irresponsible enough to be not clear regarding what I meant has to do with this misunderstanding between our thoughts. If I live my life to the fullest without the restrains, without the stereotypical roles to follow, without the pressure, limits, societal norms, and subsequently let life define me, I see no harm in it. In fact, once you start limiting yourself by delineating everything like a list, then perhaps you become fanatical. And thereโ€™s always a limit and set of rules that we have to follow, our freedom and our life is not so liberated but rather it is defined, described , better put it, it is our Taqdirโ€ฆ Yes I can live my life, I have the free of will which Allah has given me, not what I have chosen for myself. As a Muslim, we should believe that Allah (SWT) is all Knowing, all Omnipotent. He has the power over our determination. Yes, we have the freedom bestowed unto us by our Creator but only to a certain extent. You have to realize that the way we decide to live life and the freedom that we have to define our life are not mutually exclusive.i think i shud stop now… i am not making any sense… :S hope u understandtake care!

  4. People wats scary? Life’s like football, JUST.LIKE.FOOTBALL.Either you go for the ball, make a sliding challenge take the ball, run, give a thru ball ORyou wait for a volley, and when it comes, you take a shot and THUMPOR you do both. Waisay mubi looks like you’re lazy like a friend of mine, he waits for the right cross.See football is life mubi. Actually life is anything you want it to be. Just keep it simple, very simple and it will be simple. Even if there are complexities, you take them in your stride. Waisay i’ve learnt that life is beautiful, jo b ho, even sometimes getting bored has its own charm. You just have to learn to be fun within yourself.

  5. MJ says:

    lol, thank you everyone for the comments :p i really didnt mean this post to be serious n neither did i write it from a serious, thought provoking aspect :p

  6. MJ says:

    i will start upside down ๐Ÿ˜‰mha, ab mai itni bhi lazy nahi hoon :/ indeed life is beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚smiley, i never hold on tight(or at all)on roller coasters ๐Ÿ˜€ exqui, why do we even want life to define us or the other way as well. all we do all our lives is find meaning to our existence…p.s reply: bhai say larai is one of the joys of life ๐Ÿ˜€ its like oxygen! smacula, well that stress management wasnt all bull actually..some of it was good!

  7. oh i hav been to a couple and i kno they r quite effectiv… but what i was also tryin to say was that what happens is you attend these you get all motivated and worked up for a few days and soon u loose your focus… maybe i didn word it properly…lol

  8. ‘Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.’Lennon.I’ve said this before somewhere on the blogland, but one thing’s for sure-life is what we make of it.I agree with exquiste- defining life only causes limitations to something so vast and countless.All the best.

  9. What do I know about Life and Myself.20 years!its a big word to write….Congratulations,you are so smart and thoughtful @20 mashaallah.Wasay “when people say life happens” it does.

  10. life is well just simply life. its hard to define life a evryone has its own definition. u get a chance to live on this earth n u try to make the best of what you have..at times you do at times you dont.. life is beautiful at times at times it isnt. one can make his/her life simple or complex u have the choice. so life is just life… there are different maizes which start with our birth and lead us to our single final destination which is deth and the after life.. which maize we are born to work our way through i decided by God but how we do it lies with us… did you get what i said.. i didnt.. kindly xplain it to me…

  11. MJ says:

    starting from the last again:p<>soul<>, i agree to a certain extent. where i start to doubt ‘life is what you make of it’ is when one is put in situations where we are not the ones holding the reins of our lives…<>specy<> and <>daanish<> lol, thanks guys, but why do i feel so flattered :$ <>lost<> you are making sense, dont worry ๐Ÿ˜‰<>indus<> not fair, *wondering what would your comments be* <>rainy<> i kind of agree with you but its the same that i asked soul… and the quote to wrote makes sense. thanks you everyone to have the patience to bear with me and my blog ๐Ÿ˜€ keep visiting

  12. So serious. yet a very nice post. Maybe there are just points in our life wherein we tend to define things but then again, i do believe that I don’t need to define it. It’s for no reason. I just have to live it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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