Some scrawls, some scribbling wanders off my page…

Hands cupped and face slightly down, she whispers to a force unknown. The dawn is about to spread its wings, the cold outside is sneaking in through the open window. A tear falls and drops, as if deliberately into those delicate but pale hands…

The tall trees stand majestically around her and the cold winter’s fresh, virgin mist veils itself around nature. She takes small steps on the footpath crawling in front of her. The morning hours and the melodious silence hums as she walks past the red brick building. Soon off the footpath, the wet, cool grass beneath tickles her warm feet. She submits herself to the ambiance, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and exhales a quite prayer…

Crouching like old men we walked in silence as if performing a pantomime. One wrong move or a tiny clatter or noise would spoil the whole act. It was indeed an act, a play, fragment of imagination being played in someone’s mind…

The fleecy clouds lay in alternating layers above, beneath a raging fire, cold and numb. The air full of contradictions added to the twists and turns of nature. They both walked past each other, each drowning in their ocean of thoughts, meditating in the storm of nostalgia…

The magic in the eyes, the charm of the smile and the sound of the voice was distant but could be felt. Some connections are made as distances increase and the charm remains…faces fade out but the feelings stay fresh, new and young...a bubble bursts and nothing remains...


15 thoughts on “Some scrawls, some scribbling wanders off my page…

  1. A prayer, an existence, Walk & a challenge, clash of the equals & different, a few reminiscences, juxtaposition and a touch of effervesce… this has got it all… You are very gifted. MashAllah!If you don’t mind me asking mubi, what do you study?

  2. Oooh nicely written mubi very nice MashaALLAH…waisay you know i couldn’t really understand the real theme behind it…i mean the connection :(…but nevermind, i dont understand most of the stuff these days 😦

  3. MJ says:

    there are two cyan like paras…which one duffer? :pthere you go smacula, beaugly actually answered it :Sthanks, exqui,that cant be for me ;p gifted? ;p m enrolled in mass communication as my major 🙂mha, just a few scrawls, bits and pieces laying around in my mind…no theme at all.

  4. MJ says:

    rainy, this kind of half baked fiction…everyone can do,,even lazy people 😀exqui,no wonder this post has generated least number of comments ;plol, no poetry in mass comm exqui! in fact right now they are teaching us nothing, hows that 😉thanks btw

  5. least comment is because this stuff is deep yo…. they don’t teach u nothing but remember Einstein, us ka bi class mei dil nahi lagta thaa… now look at him… a great historical figure 😛

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