Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish
For words that never come—

Distracted, lost, they fade away
Into the tangled thickets
Of my mind;

Here I go again!
Meandering about,
Round and round,
In search for the perfect words,
Just the right ones,
To rhyme and chime
At the same time;

Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish
For poem and piece
Yet again;
For rhymes and reasons,
Reasons that we need to live,
Through all seasons;

Oh, how I wish, I wish, I wish!
For the moments long lost
And the moments long held,
The time yet to come
And today, that’s slipping away;

Oh, how I wish, I wish, I wish
To be a child again;
And worry no more
About world and wine,
And live my life
With those curious eyes
That saw no wrong,
That basked in unending joys;

Here I go again
Left out without words
In the middle of a poem
With thoughts all flown
To curtain the stage
Where I sat and sang

The awful song that didn’t come better
For the world to hear…


14 thoughts on “Wishing…

  1. kiya baat hai app ki 🙂 mashAllahu know sometimes not finding that right word makes all the differencealthough living in the past is tempting but that is all it is …for to have those inquisitive eyes, you don’t need to be young and bold… all u need is that flicker of zeal and that excitement to fuel ur interestsfor now lost of words is good because that can also act as a fuel to jump start that fading curiosity, that curiosity to learn and discover what is unknown and what is known but has been misplaced in time

  2. So ironic man, so very ironic. You wouldn’t find words yet you came up with something so real, so beautiful. Wish i could write like that, because thats one of the pretty ways of writing.Sometime ago, i wanted to write something about my childhood, not exactly my childhood, but about times when there was no worry at all, i even started writing it but was lost for words. So you expressed both of my feelings, thanx…its really frustrating when you’re so full of feelings but words fail you, but then sometimes that very problem becomes your instigation and the feelings comeout in the best of fashions. Well written girl.

  3. Calm Cool says:

    full of feelings bt lost for words :sscattered, wandering thoughts… ah the same “wishing…”, is in me bt i’m unable to write!nice post.

  4. MJ says:

    <>exqui<> the past is like a shadow, always with us and future sometime beyond the mist, across the river and both are intriguing…and i like the way u have said that its all about zeal and excitement..<>mha<> aw thanks, dont force yourself to write, coz poetry comes like wind, it can slip even thru a closed window, it finds it way itself. so let it come 🙂 <>smacula<> i also thought it sounds more like a song:)<>calm<> ur writing was on the similar lines, some part of it and i enjoyed it.<>hfm<> and i thought it twisted me :p<>beaugly<> whats wrong? are you sad coz u didnt like these particular lines?

  5. i love this!The way u’ve stumbled thru, trying to find the perfect words, but still created a pooooem.Just finding even that one perfect word could change things forever, if only it was that easy…..

  6. Salam Mubi,If you can handle a little bit of gore, whom i kidding, it’s all gore… u gotta watch “The Midnight Meat Train”http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0805570/ok, so let me give u a glimpse of how horrifying the experience is…you see there’s a scene in it, where the butcher with his butcher-like-hammer smash a guy’s head open and that poor guyz eyes comes pooping out in slo moo… now I was with my friend (a medical student, who have seen real-time surgeries and such) screamed so hard and almost cried literally… well a fair warning, it is not for the faint of heartu may delete this entry as it is irrelevant to the original post … 😛

  7. Mubi, why wud i be deleting ur post 😛 let me know the experience after you’ve seen that movie i’ve mentionedI guess it is safe to say here : Happy glorified Halloween 😛 hehehe

  8. MJ says:

    <>lost<> dear, it is for you too :p<>smiley<> exactly,if it was only that easy…<>daanish<> actually i have written more poetry than prose :p thank you!<>good ol’ exqui<> o well definitely my feedback on that movie is a must,hope it doesnt come out in a scream :p

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