the deciding poll!

Torres aka ginger head

Nadal aka naddi :p

who is more gay? or is either of them any near to being one?

note: this post is dedicated to nando villa aka Aami


22 thoughts on “the deciding poll!

  1. r u tryinn to say that u r sad they are gay n u missed out on a chance to date one of these men?or r u sayin u r happy they r gay n wont bother u…or r u jus tryin to ask us a question that nobody is really gonna answer because u r da biggest tennis freak among all of us?

  2. Torres is NOT GAY! He’s a really really good striker. And every good footballer is NonGAY or UnGAY or Not GAY …i dont like nadal so watever, i like fed

  3. Nando_Villa says:

    torres isnt GAY…we have had this convoa million time…nadal i have ma doubts..and rukh ur half man urself wht do u knw i still havent figured out how u shave ur beard so good is still a mystery waitin to be solved……. so peace on tht… n roger federer anytime anyday over rafa nadal…the man is a true champion cums with the class of being champion rather then this show off spaniards..i usually like spaniard but this is one spaniard i hate with a passion…and nando is sumthin i am not gonna comment upon..mubi knws already …sooo YEAH fernando torres liverpool no 9 ….

  4. MJ says:

    LOL…alright i take the lol back! :/ bah!after having read all 10 comments i am not in the least happy because HMPF! no one, no one said anything good about nadal,,like him being “ungay, non gay or not gay” partially in words of mha.and duffer just say, vote :p and exqui i expected something, some positive words!! 😦 cutee i didnt expect anything good from you,,do you even know how to spell sports? i have seen you holding a badminton racket and thats a sad story my dear *tsk tsk* so you are far from tennis or football :pabdul sami! bows to you for your trail of thoughts asking so many possibilities..its no to all three of ur questions :psmiley and lunatic! omG girls even you have been cast by the evil spell of that traitor cutee? *tch tch tch*mha stop giving sweeping statements :pNAndo villa :p shush!!! stop right there on ur doubts :pillusion.. gayness is torres 😀ahem, final declaration that i have made a lot of times before as well, its official now,,it doesnt really matter if nadal’s what? (i know hes not :p)

  5. i’m sorry i let u down :S“i know hes not”that’s the spirit… why care what other say, u shall remain determined and should stand steady in ur belief,always! 🙂

  6. I never understand people when they write ‘so gay’Is that a term for derogatory purposes or just contempt at that person’s sexuality.Sorry.But I really don’t get this!😐

  7. AA says:

    lol..they both be good athletes excellent performers in their respective fields & yes they be hawt too:PI like Nadal coz he's really been pain in the a** of Roger Federer from quite sometime & i like people who give others run for their money.

  8. Nadal can be gay…i dont know, dont give sweeping statements mubi…he can be gay and he probably is, esp after he got lucky and i dunno how he managed to beat fed.that was pure luck because fed is way better than nadal anyday. Fed is the champ, he’s so classy and plays with such easy. Look at nadal, he’s always jumping around that attention seeker, wearing such bright colored shirts, and sleeveless cut off shirts…happy now mubi? I’m talking about nadal…

  9. Nando_Villa says:

    oh the reason federer wasnt at his best was cuz he suffered frm glandular fever and this hampered him greatly the last entire season….. nadal is gay ..has been like since ever

  10. i think ginger head is much gay-er than nadal. he <>looks<> gay.And apparently, gay men don’t work out. So because nadal has such finely defined muscles, and we can suppose he works out, he isn’t gay. =D

  11. MJ says:

    @ illusionwell the purpose of the post was to go no where :p going all well eh :S and i so agree with your previous comment besides theres 3 votes for nadal so far :p *sigh* lol@ nando and mhaomG you guys sound like some kinda sidekicks :p i said before i really dont care gay or not :p he plays well and if he won against roger plz dont come here and be defensive on why roger didnt,,coz its game sometimes they win sometimes they lose :p @ concealed pearls not glad that you came to this post which *ahem ahem* isnt a good one to reveal something good about the blogger :p all in good humour 😉do i need to say i totally agree with you 😀 😀 thanks for dropping by,hope to see more of you here.

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