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It was grudge. The movie Grudge?. Yes, the horror film that i wanted to watch since long! To my disappointment, it didnt scare me (even with the lights off). I still have to watch its sequel and reach a final conclusion. By the way reading a good humorous book after a dose of some horror movies together, 4 to 5 of them in one go is a good way to kick out the remains of any goosebumps or stuck up breaths.
I was expecting to have some nightmares while i slept reading the book but no, it was totally and alarmingly a peaceful sleep. So either its grudge, ring, saw, the exorcist, diary of Emily rose or any other horror flick, it has failed to scare me to the point of freaking me out. Umm… ok well we can reconsider that (some time later).
I want to watch more horror junk so i go around town, the internet, the sms-ing technology asking people to recommend me some good, scary, chilling and deliciously spooky stuff. I am able to get hold of some names and without wasting any time they are already on my to be watched movie list.
As i type this post, i get this fabulous idea of googling for a list of horror movies. voila!!! I deserve a pat on my shoulder for the brilliance in me. As i step into the world of googleland and make a perfect landing on various sites; i am overcome with exuberance and nearly on the brink of crying ( ok now thats highly dramatic and unnecessary, lets just cut this out). Just plain excited at the sight of some supposedly good horror, i note down the names to my ages old list. The best part is that the results on google gave me huge lists of not only good horror flicks but of worst horror as well. How considerate of them 😀 So now i have ‘top rated horror’ and ‘bottom rated horror’. then there is “horror movies sleepers” and from this i presume they meant good horror that could subsitute your lullabyes, is it?. There are categories for ‘haunting movies’ and ‘horror movies that should have never been made’ *wondering* Funny they have so many different categories for horror/scary genre *count my teeth as i smile a big wide one* The site has listed SAW under “scariest horror ever” hmm i never thought of SAW as scariest..it was more on the lines of being disgusting *wondering more*…

Wait I can hear some funny, no weird, no creepy sound behind me. the rest is as follows…

…even the headphones couldn’t muffle the “boo”(a melodious boo) and some vague, incomprehensible murmuring sounds. I jumped with sudden shock,tried to maintain my balance but nearly fell on the floor. shite my brother just freaked me out!!!! well he dozed off back to sleep despite my shrieking and freaking out at him and waking him up. thank God his murmuring and other sound effects faded out…

My friend said with such suspense going on around my room, i really dont need horror movies.
lesson: Real life offers enough horrors :p


20 thoughts on “a tiny post

  1. my point exactly !!! life is too scary for us to b freaked out by horror movies…waisay i did recommend the shining haina??? tho i m still to see itwaisay i havn seen a movie that has like scared me yet… but when iwas like 3-4 year old … i remember star trek used 2 freak me out… lol !!!

  2. if u rem it and in such detail i don think u were 4… lolwaisay like i said… it was funny thos things scared me for a bit… but dat was da extent of it… pre-school days it was…

  3. MJ says:

    aoo!! i was not even one i think when it came out..but i watched it later and of course i dont remember it in detail!!! :p ya well i got ur point. @ ur first point..ya well life is scary but i didnt really mean it in that way..horror movies tell us its not real, real life punches us,,yes it is :p

  4. Huhuhahahayar i remember there were only few movies that freaked me out, like ummm, i think it was child’s play. But that was fun. As i grew up, the horror flicks lost their charm. I watched 75% of the exorcist, got bored and turned it off. But SAW was great, disgusting not really that much, but great. I loved it, the story line was awesome.You’ll be surprised, i watched a real exorcism video on Youtube that freaked me out, and that happened when i was ummmm…20! Lol, happened two three months ago. I was laughing at myself though two three days later but i’ve to accept i was scared, pta nae kyu.Anyways, i agree with sami life’s much scarier in actuality. In A levels, i had quite a big accident, at night, so what i remembered from it was darkness, and i couldn’t sleep for a month in the dark. Let alone sleeping, i couldn’t stay in the dark for more than 5 minutes! I’m sure no movie can do that to you

  5. Mahru is right. Somedays you dont get to see a girl around and you think you’re in Brokeback mountain! Or like i had to spend two boring hours after being kicked out of the class and it was like watching Titanic. Bohat slow. Or sometimes i close my eyes and think the pyjamas i’m wearing are the ones Jim Carrey wears in the mask, i open my eyes and it feels i’m Stanely Ipkiss. You’re so right.

  6. MJ says:

    @ applehehehe, well even i was scared by the ‘boo’ :p@ smileylol, ya well that kinda gives you the hope 😉 and makes u want watch more of them :p@mhahaina SAW is stll great..but it makes u says ewww and gives you major goosebumps when u get to the end of part 1 😀real exorcism video? its on youtube? ahem…will watch it :pya i agree too, real life too scary so my last line of the post holds true “real life offers enough horrors” and u talked about accidents..ya i think i know ofthat major one u guys had…i have had a couple of them and they do scare the hel out of you@daanishi think we need to see things that are scaring other ppl “in the film” it makes us feel we are untouched, in control of smth;..it gives us some thrill i guess..@ cuteelol, it scared me when i watched it for the first time and my brothers scared me even more “what if ur dolll comes to life, mubi? ” lol ….ya on a serious note i agree with sami too..thats why films are made..inspired by life right 😉@mha againLOL,,,alright now we are all agreeing with each other and mha ur examples!!!

  7. I myself am guilty of being a horror junky… welcome to the club 🙂Simply watching the movie for the sake of it being horror doesn’t cut it anymore for me … i demand a solid storyline to accompany its atmosphere…I loved the very first one in the series of the Ring… as for grudge, that has to be the worst remake of a Japanese horror if you want some mind-twisting experience, i suggest watching Cube, part 1 to 2 at least… after that it gets somewhat boringrecently, i have watched the mirrors… was a different unique and a refreshing change in horror genreoooh and if you are interested in tv shows, do watch Fringe 🙂i shall list more movies down, sort of feelign sleepy now take care !

  8. MJ says:

    @ exquisite😀 finally someone who is a horror junky too :D:Dbtw thanks recommending the movies..i have mirrors but havent watched it…waiting for more names from you 😉@ nandolol, dont u have something else to say ;p

  9. ok to start it off… i have really enjoyed watching Silent Hill and am desperately waiting for the sequel … Dawn of the dead, day of the dead, land of the dead… all are worth a watch…and if u have time to spare, go for cloverfield… but have to admit it was more of a viral marketting that made this movie such a success…

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