I m mute!

It happened last year and before that i was victimized by it two years back…such regular intervals, i already know when i m going to be struck by it next time.. UGHHH and i am hating it!!!! :@
Narcissist that i am and have been guilty of since i read people writing about the trend of blogging in Pakistan to be something very personal rather than productive :$ Indeed, at least my blog is just about me, i am the one who looks into the river and admire myself but not these days!!
Since i m here after a few days of absence i feel obliged to write a little about it.I have a MAJOR MAJOR throat infection, fever and all the regular flu. sigh. its very, very, extremely BAD.
To begin with i have lost my voice. My vocal cords have given up on me. i cant speak coherently without everyone looking at me stunned and asking: what? what did you say? and come again? SO i am highly vexed! I am totally consumed in my phlegm, running nose, husky hoarse voice.Even ugly than that. Hmmmmm, o ya, it sounds more like Simpson’s wife Marge’s voice LOL. Sometimes i feel i am talking from under the water. In short it is dreadfully and exceedingly excruciating.
Its the beginning of Ramazan, mashAllah and guess what i am totally, awfully in a deplorable state. How bad could it be? The doc said i cant have Pakoras or any of the delicious iftari [fast breaking] feast 😦 With this i wish all my Muslim blog readers Ramazan Mubarak πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “I m mute!

  1. ..call me twisted but I really like people being “highly vexed” Haha ….and its not just sadistic pleasure…I feel they are driven to being “honest” in such sorry states and things interesting can emerge when guards are thus down….if nothing else then a couple of colourful choice expletives! Go have pakoras anyway…All the best ..get better!

  2. Get well really soon mubi!and btw comeon its okay, Marge’s voice is not that bad, she’s kinda cool but i bet her throat doesn’t hurt when she speaks take care

  3. shysoul says:

    Awww…I hope you get well very soon πŸ™‚And hey, what the heck if we Pakistanis talk about ourselves in our blogs, it’s OUR blogs, aren’t they? <>*huff*<> Now do we have to take dictation on what to write in our blogs as well??

  4. MJ says:

    @ sistalol, i was just obsessed with the word :p thanks@ mhathanki, ehehe no shes not cool :p mine doesnt hurt either waisay@shysoulwelcome back! ya well you have a point πŸ˜‰@ samihehe, m just enjoying the chaat for the time being. thanks πŸ˜€

  5. hahahha…wat a nyc way to get wishes πŸ˜› wryt it in ur blog…:D:Ddo i have to wish u too?? i already did waisay…im bored…and i have a feeling im dead as well…soon…chalo yar tum bhi kya yad kero gi…get well soon “sweety”!!oh and mha mubiz voice sounds pretty cool…all hoarse and husky…:D but the best part is we get to shut her up and she gets to agree wid us :D:D:D

  6. MJ says:

    @ cuteelol, jii nai i just wrote..its just that some people are nice unlike you πŸ˜›everyone was telling me to keep quiet..adding to the noise pollution was i ? :p

  7. @cutee and mubiwhy are you repeating the word hoarse and husky over and over again? Waisay if it doesn’t hurt to i think its cool, you can sing like eddie vedder (pearl jam) or scot stapp (creed), really mubi yar try singing one last breath or with arms wide open and post it on your blog. Not kidding seriously yar…it just occured to me now…And cutee cutee wattay name

  8. MJ says:

    @ mhalol i didnt even say those words again :p and btw at your idea of ME singing Buahahahahaha! thanks for the idea though :$ok end of convo for mha, ‘cutee’ and me :p

  9. aw mobyy, dunno y i feel like laughin n givin u big bear hug!!! guess the way u wrote is the reason…vexed n all poor baby..don worry ull get really soon, muahhhhhhnwasay till dat tym i can eat ur share of chat n pakora n all if u want me too

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