journey from Mr 10 percent to Mr clean

It wasnt that a big deal for Zardari sahab was it? A few days ago he was the infamous, controversial figure( he still is) tagged as Mr 10 percent and today he comes out as a pristine person cleared of all the corruption charges against him. 11 years of investigation case was closed down since Pakistan never took an initiative. Besides that what is $ 60 million to people like zardari…its people like me who dont even know how many zeros there are in a million! A perfect time for him to get rid of all the stains on his shirt while he roams around as the next Presidential candidate. I wonder what the definition of a leader used to be. Shouldnt the person be someone above controversy,above a shady personality and suspicion? what happened to the concept of integrity and respect and commitments?


11 thoughts on “journey from Mr 10 percent to Mr clean

  1. well… to begin… there are six zeroes in a million… however, there is a never ending debate on billion, one being american and one being british, having 12 or 9 zeroes… lol !!! as far as dis guy is concerned… i hav no hope from him!

  2. “what happened to the concept of integrity and respect and commitments? “moby,this is pakistan!!! wat u takin far as zardari is concerned, im nt bothered anymore…iv seen ma share of watchin dese thugs n what dey do to this homeland anymore these f.2.34567890-i think we shud al think on the lines of what WE can do

  3. You know wat mubi, “jaisay log waisay hukamraan” its really really true…but sometimes i think hum itne b buray nae k humara president zardari ho…Comeon man, he was the most despised person…how good turn coats are our people…uske to bachay b i’m sure usko trust Nae kartay…Its a shame…its going to be the greatest disrespect to the office of the president ever..yar itna paisa hai he just wants to top it up with power…adha mulk baich k kha jaega wo…MAY ALLAH SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

  4. MJ says:

    @smaculayou have no hope for him or no hope for Pakistan with him :p 😦 its just pathetic@rohmathats exactly my point yar.. why do we say “this is pakistan” “yeh Pakistan hai”… its the corrupt ppl here thats root causeya we can that we are not bothered but actually we are ..its just that we have no power except for hte power of pen..which i have begun to have serious doubts about@mhaits been like a lot of years now that we have left eveything to Allah..there this shair of Iqbal that goes“khuda nay aj tak us quom ki halat nai badli, na ho jis ko khiyal aap apni halat kay badalnay ka”

  5. I think Pakistan needs a royal family with me as its benevolent ruler and Mubi as my beloved queen 😉..on a serious note though, democracy in the western sense doesnt work in pakistan. If they want it to they need to do away with feudalism, have a strict secret police network to weed out corruption (for a few years at least), and have mass hangings for corrupt politicians.Pakistan’s leader needs to be someone strict like Sayidina Umar.Zard-aari is just a son of a cinema owner with no background or respect from or for anyone. They are simply badhmaash.

  6. AA says:

    and we were all sick of musharraf being a with it people..have fun!i don't feel like talking about it someone said few days ago that the memory of Pakistani people is very short & they've absolutely forgotten everything..maybe we deserve it afterall this is what democracy is all about!

  7. MJ says:

    @ navcitylol, to begin with i have serious issues with royal families :pi agree, democracy doesnt work for us..i wonder what will? i have to begun to believe democracy is synonymous to utopia :S@ illusionindeed we have a history of suffering from short term memory loss

  8. Sorry but i cant fight the temptation, there’s a “FARAZ” shair i received through sms, i think i wanna quote it here if mubi allows :p wats good is that it relates so well to the current situation. But obviously it doesn’t reflect my point of view:“Itni zillat k baad kaisay zinda ho faraz,Tum insaan ho k iftikhar chaudry.”long live the chief justice and shame asif ali zardari.

  9. shysoul says:

    The country has really gone to the dogs if THIS guy makes it to the presidency. Seriously, I would love to turn to Mushraff-haters and say, “hun khush ho?!” 😛Does anyone withIN PPP like this guy? I don’t think so!

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