donkey had a great fall

I m a bird person but at the same time i dont mind cats, dogs and other such animals. And i have always found donkeys very very CUTE!! In fact i would like to advocate for the rights of animals sometime in my life BUT only when humans start to get their value of life back and are not treated like insects..sigh..alright coming back to the video below.
My feelings so far on this are :O, OMG, laughing plus feeling bad for the pooor thing, :S, :$, :(, :/
just watch it and comment.


18 thoughts on “donkey had a great fall

  1. MJ says:

    the thing to laugh at is that we humans cant even leave a donkey at peace! so you know its the irony of what we cud do..cant even spare the animals

  2. MJ says:

    @ smaculai hope that the donkey survived..coz i think this was river ravi..looked like ravi @ mhai had a mixed feeling, this video is uncomfortable all in all, but then i have to admit i did laugh a bit, but totally for some other reason mentioned above..sigh.. @UTPno, i am serious :$ they are!

  3. AA says:

    on a lighter note i like the soundtrack though i wished that if only somehow donkey could’ve have taken few of those morons alongside in the river then it would’ve been pretty hilarious!<>@thepurplejournal<>…they definitely do know how to swim & besides the river doesn't seems to be that deep!

  4. Kya ajeeb log hain. Gadha is prolly the most harmless of all animals (obviously if you dont get too close to its rear legs and nag it too much, if you do then a famous Do-Latti is a must though i haven’t really seen that happen) and still the people cant leave them alone. Its disgusting, coz this shows man takes pleasure in subduing the ALREADY subdued, how low is that now yar.And that confirms “Man is the new animal”Perfectly demonstrated by the guys in the video!so mubi, what goes around comes around doesn’t it…like you said humans are treated like animals, that happens coz humans act like animals. We cant be treated like humans until we start acting like humans. Sounds perfectly logical Haina? That includes generally all kinds of humans, the ones who make excesses and the ones who bear with them or are affected by them. Somewhere, all of us are showing how inhumane/inhuman (damn i forgot which of these two words means what i want to write lol so correct me) man has become. Hope that stops in time.

  5. Nando_Villa says:

    wht remmeber the donkey in shrek wasnt tht cute …since worldcall well n trully screwed up i cant watch the video…lol ….. but based on the description and mubster told me abt in the college it iss juss sad .. i might not be tht good a muslim but doesnt it say tht u shouldnt treat an animal badly … be zubaan janwar or sumthin like tht ….its sad plain an pure pure sad …..

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