elmo :D

aw i used to love them. i grew up watching episodes of Sesame street and elmo was my favorite monster, o ya the cookie monster too. i didnt like bert and ernie that much but i owned a pair of stuff toys which eventually were victimized by a deadly fungus ( i mistakenly or otherwise kept polo in my toy basket and result….ernie and bert died) :p

heres a clip for old times


14 thoughts on “elmo :D

  1. AA says:

    i loved every character of Sesame Street..i even liked that trash monster & that counting bat too..elmo & that cookie monster was cute though..i just loved em all:)

  2. MJ says:

    @ beaugly ducklinghmm i know my little cousins used to watch them in urdu too..whatevr language yes indeed they were and are the coolest show ever πŸ˜€ now they are making the 39th season i heard..@ samino age limits for cartoons and sesame street πŸ˜›@ illusionoh ya the green trash monster :p i never really liked that monster eheheno one talked about the yellow big bird though

  3. AA says:

    yeah i know no one like that trash monster maybe thats why i liked him;)talking about that yellow big birdy well he seemed a bit too nice..i mean itna sweet aur itna sugary bhi nahi hona chahiye lol..yeah i know its weird but thats what i used to think:S<>“one coconut..two coconut..three coconut..four coconut..five coconut..muahahahaha”<>i tried sounding like that counting bat..me loved it:S

  4. Yooohooo i watched it in both languages and loved all of it though there were some parts in the urdu version that were so irritating that you could cut your head off…i remember the songs by khalid anum“JO KARTAYY HAIN PANI ZAYAAAAAA, JO KARTAYY HAIN PANI ZAYAAAAAA, JO KARTAYY HAIN PANI ZAYAAAAAA, wo ganday bachay hotay hainnnnn” and the karmoo daddoo song. I remember more of the urdu version, i even forgot who was elmo! But i can be pardoned considering the time thats elapsed. Anyways, the cookie monster was awesome, and in the urdu version he was called “khhaja saeen”…and there was a character called Fattoo Barocha…hilarious

  5. MJ says:

    @ mhaoho..ya the songs!! seriously they got a bit (make that a lot) annoying in the urdu version LOL…thanks for the urdu song line hahahahaand omG you dont remember elmo? so u are quite old now eh? πŸ˜›

  6. Haha yeah i’m in my maiden post teenage year as well, but you know i’d remember him by face, just remind me wat did he look like? Was he the one who lived in the garbage can?

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