Lahore and summers

I’m not a summer person. when my friends and cousins living in colder parts of Europe envied my privilege of being able to see the bright sun and summers, i used to envy them back. Their idea of a perfect holiday destination are places like Jamaica, something sunny, a lot of sun to feel on their skin and mine somewhere cold, somewhere chilly and snowy.
Unknowingly i simply fell in love with winters a long time back and have ever since been a faithful admirer. with time, however, i have come to discover the beauty of summers, the fun, the colours, variety of sumptuous juicy fruits and chilled sherbets and shakes. well its not all about eating and drinking as it may sound. to my amazement this year round i think i will be slanting myself towards summers. the best, the most cherishing time that summers in Lahore offers is the monsoon. despite the scheduled load shedding/sharing stunt by our lovely WAPDA continues to create havoc in our sizzling summer lives, weirdly though, i m still enjoying summers with full zeal and zest!
Today and two days back Lahore was blessed with plentiful of rain (though i came to know that it rained more where i live as compared to other places) The reason i am exceptionally happpy today with a triple ‘P’ πŸ˜€ is perhaps coz i woke up to the sound of the rain beating against my windows. it was loud and bold, like someone shouting my name from far away.
As the trees on my either side swayed to the motion of the wind, i walked to my own beat of music, something within me.sunset today was remarkably beautiful. there were shades of pink adoring the sky near the bright, vibrant orange sun as it sank down towards the earth or so it seemed. as i walked nearer to the bright orange fire, it hid behind the building and moved far. dark, heavy, colossal clouds were shapes of an eagle and i even saw some other funny shapes, my imagination going wild HA!
As the lights go out at a different time than usual i m going to head towards the kitchen and start on my 2 classic magnums feast which is another highlight of summers:D:D:D


8 thoughts on “Lahore and summers

  1. Yeah dad just called me up and told me its raining in Lahore… I really envy all of you, coz here its always around 50 degrees all morning and afternoon and the sun here is so bright, you can hardly look ahead for more than 10seconds..and the worst part is the looh here…for some reason its always there…but there’s one good thing, there’s no humidity…so, you might get heatstruck in like 5 minutes, but even if you stand for 30 minutes in the sun, you wont sweat much…whats more, i’m so tanned my mom’s not gonna recognise me…but anyways, i love this period of summers in Lahore, and i love waking up to the sound of just gives me so much hope that maybe all the world would stop in its tracks today and koi kaam nae krna paray ga πŸ˜› but obviously thats not so. And yeah i love that geeli matti ki smell. Its the best.

  2. MJ says:

    o geeli meeti is a universally and unanimously acknowledged mild, dainty and celestial smell and its absolutely splendid. It brings back the memories of all the good times and the rainy days of the monsoon, the melting popsicles/ice lollies being effortlessly licked with feet being carelessly splashed in the water on the streets. Geeli mitti ki khusbo is like our identity, our roots, something that gives a feeling of a warm relation to the land that nourishes us.

  3. shysoul says:

    Ooooo…geeli mitti ki khushboo….kiya yaad dilwa diya!! I always take in a deeeeep breath and try to feel it in my every nerve πŸ™‚

  4. lol…i think mubi u shud refer all of em to ur geeli mitti post!!and u eat ice cream in winters as well so it really cant be a highlite of the summersand someone just called me prolly u so the rest of the comment laterzzzzz

  5. MJ says:

    @ summer cuteelol, i didnt start off with geeli mitti in the first place as u you can see πŸ˜›and secondly its good i repeat it for my ‘readers’ who didnt read it earlier LOL. and eating ice cream is totally i differnt experience in summers so its a highlight :p

  6. AA says:

    Lucky you mubi..its been around SIX months or so since it last rained over here..forget about the rains,i haven’t seen any clouds for such a long time..even though there is no power outage over here & believe you me AC’s are really a blessing over here but still sometimes i wish it could rain over here so that i enjoy walking in that i could take some pictures & have fun..damn i am missing monsoon rains:(

  7. yar how can you eat two magnam one after da other, if i eat two magnam, i wont eat anything else for two dayz, its so heavy…now abt da rest of the post:1,i used to like winters but the last two winters hav been really cold k i hav shifted my preferance to summers despite da heat n our beloved wapda.2, i luv geeli matti k smell3, i lov da rains too lakin it havents rained as hard in ma part of da city.. im waitn for dat..

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