imagine one day you wake to find you no longer have your own face. the image staring back at you isnt you, its someone else. someone you have never seen. its the reflection of a new face looking back at the person before the mirror. a strange, unknown, unacquainted face. what would be your reaction?
panic, shock, disbelief…
probably it would feel like someone has betrayed you, someone has lied to you, you have been robbed of something very precious to you.
but what next? you just stand there, staring back as if its all a dream, everything is false. you just stand there, without touching the new features of your new face; fearing that a single touch would melt down the whole thing.


5 thoughts on “

  1. lol…id luv to see the face of a person who says tht they hate their faces and wished they cud change their looks and they woke up to discover that they have a completely new face ;p

  2. hey did u watch that old movie face off or that perverse starplus soaps…anyways ill be dead smth, i cant find a right word for right now…

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