this is my story

Last year when i was making my way back home this young man caught my attention. the best option i had was my cell phone camera. it might not be clear and i am no photographer but this man’s story of hunger, poverty, and helplessness couldn’t have been any more obvious. his life and its tragedies are not only his. he is representing many like him who live insecure and maimed lives everyday in search of odd jobs, food and shelter. they don’t know what fate holds for them the next day but something keeps them going.


4 thoughts on “this is my story

  1. By taking picture we can’t do any good to them. You know if someone is sensitive enough to feel that it’s her responsibility to contribute in there welfare.

  2. MJ says:

    @ shafaq. ya ur rite. pitying them or taking pics does no good to them just that i found it so suddenly. but they are always a reminder of how we can be helpful.

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