bomb…Theres is none here, so its safe to go on reading my blog. I decided to write my entry from where my friend, ayma left. Two days back was a day in our lives that most of us think we will always get away with. Everyone is so sure that they would never ever come near to being a victim or witness a bomb blast. Well i was perhaps one of those idiots who always saw other people suffering and dying but never thought that one day they might be one of them. Today we have left many yesterdays behind but that one day will never be just another yesterday.
First blast, amna (another friend) and i freaked out. I sensed a flock of birds suddenly fly as the sound of it filled the fateful, apparently peaceful day. Still confused, uncertain of what has happened, we were bombarded with yet another horrifying sound. While rukh, hina and zd tried to calm us down, we panicked even more.
we were next.
but we survived.
Half trying to follow where the sound came from and half wanting to escape the inevitable situation we evacuated in the ground. the third sound hit us again, tying a final knot to our horror.
My fellow college mates all gathered in groups whispered their fears to each other. While others decided to call home, some just stood there flabbergasted. The reason i didnt entirely leave my body- my friends. and for that i thank them. Soon the air was fueled with all kinds of rumours while inwardly we prayed not for ourselves but for those who were the direct victims-the naval war college.
If i could i would i have hugged God. Its like everyday we break so many hearts, we call others names, we lose our faith and regain it again and every single day God gives us a chance. He doesnt want us to be angels because He already has a lot of them. So its alright if we make mistakes. He wants us to stay humans with a soul, a conscience, emotions both negative and positive. and conscience is what makes us humans. He has more faith in us than we have in Him and perhaps the reason why He accepted Satan’s challenge to “gumrha” us. (divert from the righteous path). Why am i reflecting on all this? I really dont know…
we might never be able to know the real culprits, what they think, who they are or what they want but as one of my friend says theres something positive in everything that happens. i guess there was one after all.
so at the end of everyday when you go home, see your loved ones and the blood’s running through your veins thank Him. Alhamdolilah. Hallelujah


5 thoughts on “something

  1. I loved ur article and since Im not in PAK anymore its gud to hear the news…..although i wish there was some positive news to share!Lastly I was really offended by one thing u rote….Im not a mullah or anything….but u rote Hallelujah…yaar ALHUMDULLIAH likh deytay….i know they kinda mean the same things…but still……

  2. widout a doubt, touches a chord.we were wittnessing this maddness from a distance as just objective onlookers n we started to take this preveliged life of ours for granted, but as u say everthing has something positive..well this episode shattered that shell of callousness n ingratitude n made us kneel before our LORD in prayer.

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