another day

Signed in, signed out. Clicked on new post, stared long at the white blank box. No words, no thoughts harmonized. And here the feeling of void and emptiness overcomes me again.
The pages of her diary are blank with thoughts and dreams. As the breeze from the window flutters away the rosy pages of her diary, some unwritten thoughts escape secretly.
Outside its a new crescent moon, a new night. The diffusion and the confusion. The intoxication of the uncommitted sin. Making no sense at all…
The sparkle in her eyes, the redness in her cheeks and the pearly smile. Too soon was it that it faded away into the mere illusion of our pseudo reality.
..then i have a dream in my nightmare. someone’s thoughts begin to merge into mine.

When thoughts come rushing, you lose track of other things. It’s like trying to treasure all of them safely,somewhere, away from getting faded,blur…. What thoughts anyway?


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