Lethargic Syndrome Lethargy

Lethargic: The quality or state of being drowsy and dull, listless and unenergetic, or indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish inactivity.

I have been allegedly accused of being a lazy bone by my very own entity. Its nearly dawn and I am in bed. Snoring loudly, half open mouth, drooling out of control, eyes shut and deep in the valley of dreams, yes that’s me. Its dawn, the sun is high up in the wide blue sky, welcoming a new day. The bed sheet is creased and the blanket’s roughly spread across a shaggy mass of body, yes that’s me.

Its almost noon, the birds have long been singing the morning song and are now flown far in search of food. The maid’s done her work and is heading home wards. The lectures in the university have been delivered and the canteen food is long been eaten and hopefully digested by the hungry carnivorous beings. Someone’s still in bed, yes that’s me.

The rush hour is at its peak, higher than Mount Everest’s peak. Horns are honking, engines are burning, traffic signals are shut, and it’s the police warden, whose hands are in constant movement, signaling the traffic to and fro. He is blowing hard in his wet and germ infected whistle. Beads of sweat are trickling down his sun burnt face and neck. Even his tummy’s growling with hunger and thirst. A breathing body is still in the warmth of the cozy bed, yes that’s me.

The afternoon’s meal is cooked and served and the table is already cleared. The curtains are drawn to prevent the scorching sun rays from breaking in. Nevertheless they have still found their way through the space between the curtains. The pace of the day has slowed down; we know that’s how summers are in Lahore. The TV is on and someone is flicking the channels while the eyes are heavy with sleep after a day’s hard work. At least I am out of bed and ready to procrastinate for the rest of the following day. I know I have a huge to-do list stored in my cell phone, written on several post its, also on a random piece of paper. Just after waking up I made a mental note of all the pending work to be done. Not bad at all, I have managed to go this far! Since I have broken the record of last weekend’s 24 hours in bed; its time I deserve a lavish treat. After all everyone needs to appreciate themselves once in a while. That’s the way to keep you motivated, energetic and always on the move.


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